Plant Tissue Culture (PTC)

Plant Tissue Culture

Micropropagation or Plant Tissue Culture (PTC) has emerged as an important biotechnology tool to multiply elite varieties of high quality, disease free and high yielding plants rapidly in the laboratory irrespective of the season of the year. The technology has been commercialized globally over the last four decades. Micro propagation is presently most successful and widely commercialized technique of Plant Biotechnology. Prominent advantages of tissue culture propagation over conventional plant propagation method include vigorous growth, disease free, plant uniformity, rapid multiplication and round the year production.

Presently, the existing PTC laboratory is being shifted from Purta Bhavan to Kolkata Biotech Park with a widened vision and greater scope of work. The greenhouse is situated at Banabitan (Central Park) Complex, Salt Lake which is comprised of 3 greenhouses with total area being 15000 sqft. A large number of plants (orchids, bamboos, Aloe vera, banana, Adenium, some tree species, medicinal plants and ornamental plants) are being maintained in the greenhouse, Orchids and Adenium being the most valuable.

The main objectives include:

Glimpses on the PTC Unit:

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