Science Awareness and Popularisation

Science Popularisation: Seminar, Symposium, Conference, Workshop, EAC, TLM, FDP, Short Term Course, Non Residential Science Camp, Science Fair etc.

Department of Science & Technology and Biotechnology, Government of West Bengal aims to support Science Popularisation Programs through audio-visual and other communicative means on relevant fields of Science & Technology and Biotechnology with a layman’s perspective, through which more jargon and technology oriented Science and Technology can percolate down to the grassroots level, so as to create an impact among the public in West Bengal to be organized by Government/ Aided/ Private Schools, Colleges, Universities, Institutes, Registered Non-Government Organizations (NGO), Trustees etc. Financial assistance for the benefit of the faculties, research scholars, students, unemployed youths and common people related to Science & Technology (S&T) orientation and application in conformity with the socio-economic necessities of the state of West Bengal shall be given preference.

Kolkata | Capital Of West Bengal